Voodoo Tactical MRE, 12 Meals Ready To Eat

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Brand: Voodoo Tactical
MFR #: 09-9177
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Item #: MRE-199
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Be prepared with emergency food that satisfies like a home-cooked meal

Offered here is a case of delicious Meals Ready to Eat (MRE), created by Voodoo Tactical for the discerning prepper. Containing 12 complete meals (six different entrées, two of each flavor), each features an entrée, dessert, heater, crackers, condiment packet, and a spoon. These scrumptious meals are an incredible alternative to canned tuna and veggies!

Each meal was voted a favorite by those who eat these regularly on the “job,” and is sealed in clear plastic for an extended shelf life of 10 years. Contains:
- Main course by Back Country brand, known for using top-quality ingredients for the tastiest meals.
- MRE heater from The Military Ration Company, requires water to activate
- A delectable dessert from Sterling Foods.
- Two packages of Keebler Club crackers, which pairs nicely with the provided Chef’s Quality fruit jelly.
- A condiment package comprised of Nescafé Taster’s Choice coffee with packet of sugar, a Tapatío hot sauce packet, salt, pepper, and a spoon.

Entrées include:

10 Ounce Turkey Chili Meal
Chili with turkey and beans in a spicy pepper chili sauce
240 Calories
One 280 calorie scrumptious cookie (chocolate chip or oatmeal; flavors may vary)

11.25 Ounce Beef Chili Meal
Chili with beef and beans in a delicious chili sauce
290 Calories
One 280 calorie scrumptious Cookie (chocolate chip or oatmeal; flavors may vary)

11.25 Ounce Chicken Taco Meal
Chicken with mouth-watering taco seasoning
480 Calories
One 290 calorie piece of super moist pound cake (carrot or vanilla; flavors may vary)

11.25 Ounce Chicken Chorizo Meal
Spicy chicken chorizo
600 Calories
One 290 calorie piece of super moist pound cake (carrot or vanilla; flavors may vary)

11.25 Ounce Beef Stew Meal
Classic home-style beef stew in traditional gravy, tastes like mom made it!
320 Calories
One 270 calorie piece of scrumptious applesauce cake

11.25 Ounce Chicken Sloppy Joe
Chicken with mild sloppy joe seasoning blended to perfection
400 Calories
One 280 calorie maple muffin top

Order a few cases in the event of an emergency. Whether it’s a hurricane, tornado, flood, snow, storm, or any other event in which food may require a long shelf life, these meals are the perfect choice! Will store up to 10 years in a cool, dry place like a closet. Short-term storage (12-24 months) in a vehicle, garage, or attic.

These tasty, convenient meals are also ideal for lunch, a quick dinner, or even as an after-school snack. Entrée pouches may be placed in water to heat, or empty the contents into a microwave-safe container and heat in microwave for a quick meal. Food is non-returnable.

List Price $64.52
Our Low Price $49.95