Ultimate Survival Technologies Emergency Food Rations Bar 6 Servings 20-02020-06

Item No. FC-811747022206
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Brand: Ultimate Survival Technologies
MFR #: 20-02020-06
UPC: 811747022206
Item #: FC-811747022206
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The UST Food Bar provides emergency rations when they're needed most.

This 2,400-calorie apple-cinnamon flavored food bar is divided into six 400-calorie portions and provides long-lasting energy with a blend of essential nutrients. These bars are cholesterol-free and won't increase thirst. Packaged in an aluminum resealable bag with a five-year shelf life, it can be consumed first, rotated in with other rations to supplement nutrition or saved until other perishables are consumed. Easy to store or take on the go, it's a great choice for backpacking or camping, as well as for natural disasters or other emergency situations.

Ultimate Survival Technologies' goal is to make innovative equipment that can protect, sustain, and potentially save lives. UST produces a combination of safety and survival products to help people endure the elements and emergency situations. UST has manufactured survival equipment since 1936 and is based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Water filtering and storage is as vital as, if not more than, food when it comes to survival. At Cheaper Than Dirt! we have trusted products for both as well as, first aid, shelter, and more to help you get by. We can provide the solutions to help you endure life-threatening situations.

UST Emergency Food Rations Bar Features and Specifications:

-Optimal Balance of Nutrients
-Unique Non-Thirst-Provoking Formula
-Easy to Store
Servings: (6) 400-Calorie Portions, 2,400 Calories Total
Flavor: Apple-Cinnamon
Shelf Life: 5 yrs
Weight: 1.2 lbs