CVA Wolf .50 Cal Black Powder Muzzleloader w/ Scope and Kit

Item No. FC-043125421107
CVA Wolf .50 Cal Black Powder Muzzleloader w/ Scope and Kit
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Brand: CVA
MFR #: PR2110VPS
UPC: 043125421107
Item #: FC-043125421107
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This lightweight CVA Wolf .50 Caliber Muzzleloader includes a modified version of the Quick Release Breech Plug, which is completely removable with your fingers. The windows around the gripping surface of this gun produce an open ignition system, which is required for muzzleloaders in certain states. The breech plug and firing pin are designed for use with Musket Cap primers. The face of the plug is funnel shaped for more reliable ignition with loose propellants.

The Wolf's bullet guiding muzzle provides a higher accuracy and velocity than traditional black powder barrels. The included kit's PowerBelt Bullets are "belted" (instead of the traditional conical design) to deliver enhanced accuracy, consistency and knockdown power. The CVA Wolf .50 Cal kit also includes a 3-9x32 scope and mounting hardware to help zero in on the target and make each shot count.

The CVA Wolf Black Powder Muzzleloader kit also provides a speed loader, cleaning supplies and instruction manual along with a DVD to help even first time black powder users safely and quickly start on the path to becoming an expert with this muzzleloader rifle.

Features And Specifications:
CVA Wolf Black Powder Muzzleloader Rifle
Caliber: .50
Capacity: 1 Round
Action: Break-Action
Firing Mechanism: Hammer Fired
Reversible Hammer Spur
Barrel: 24", Blued
Muzzle: Bullet Guiding Muzzle
Breech Plug: Break-Action Quick Release Breech Plug
Breeching Button Located In Front Of The Trigger Guard
Sights: DuraSight Dead-On One-Piece Mount
Stock: Standard With CrushZone Recoil Pad
Overall Length: 39"
Length Of Pull: 14"
Weight: 6.25 lbs
Finish: Black
Lifetime Warranty

Kit Includes:
Konus 3-9x32 Scope and Rings
PowerBelt Bullets
Bullet Starter
Speed Loader
Cleaning Jag
Cleaning Patches
Barrel Blaster Wonder Gel Solvent
Breech Plug Grease Stick
Breech Brush
Instruction Manual
Black Powder 101 instructional DVD starring O'Neill Williams and Chad Schearer

Note: RWS Musket Caps are the recommended primers for this rifle.

Item#: 9-80947