Code Blue Whitetail Buck Urine Gel 2 Ounce

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Brand: Code Blue
MFR #: OA1027
UPC: 707114010276
Item #: FC-707114010276
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Specifications and features:
Collected from one animal
Gel will not freeze or wash away
Apply to drags or hang from trees

Whitetail buck urine is a versatile deer attractant that will work during each phase of the deer hunting season, and this gel form makes the deer urine even easier to use. Code Blue Whitetail Buck Gel is collected using the same patented "one-deer-to-one-bottle" process as our other deer attractants, but is rendered in a weather-resistant gel formula that won't freeze or wash away.

The scent of whitetail buck urine will lure deer throughout the hunting season. Early in the deer season when whitetail bucks are traveling in bachelor groups, this deer urine will pique their curiosity. It has the same appeal during pre-rut, when whitetail bucks will eagerly investigate the new "buck" in the area. During the deer rut, use the buck urine gel to freshen scrapes or create mock scrapes that will spark their territorial instincts. This deer urine gel even works post-rut, when whitetail bucks again gather in bachelor groups.

A long-lasting deer attractant that you can use in a variety of situations, this buck deer urine will give you a surefire advantage when deer hunting. Each bottle of Whitetail Buck Gel has a built-in applicator so you can dispense the deer attractant without contaminating it with your human scent.
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