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For The First Time Gun Buyer

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Whether you are looking to buy your first gun or just wanting to learn more about firearms, Cheaper Than Dirt! would like to help enhance your knowledge and understanding of the industry. Find information on how to buy a gun online, how to choose the right ammo for your gun and the meaning of standard firearm terms in our new knowledge section. Knowledge is Firepower!

Firearm Knowledge

Cheaper Than Dirt! has simplified the process of buying a gun online so you can easily add that handgun, rifle or shotgun to your new or existing gun collection . . . read more>

Scope Knowledge

Choosing the perfect rifle scope to pair with your firearm and ammunition combination will help you make sure to hit your target evertime. read more>

AR-15 Knowledge

Building your AR-15 is a rewarding experience and it allows you to configure your rifle exactly how you want it. read more>

Ammunition Knowledge

The simple outward appearance of the modern shotshell conceals several important elements which play a critical role in making this form of ammunition fire. The case, crimp, powder, primer, shot and wad all come togeather to ensure your shotshells fire safely and accurately every time. read more>